Episode 2: Justin Kennington On Putting Software First

Justin Kennington has a background in hardware engineering, he spent some time working for Google and also as a technology manager for Crestron’s DigitalMedia products before moving on to Aptovision and creating the Software Defined Video over Ethernet Alliance, a.k.a. SDVoE.
SDVoE aims to create a standardized hardware and software platform for AV signal distribution.
Because it is software defined, it could have a lot of consequencens for the way we do things in AV.

Episode 1: Tim Albright On Recognizing Opportunity, AV as a Service And Being Competitive

Tim Albright is arguably the most successful podcaster in AV.

He started his career in radio, and somehow wound up becoming and AV consultant.

He’s also worked as a control systems programmer and university technology manager before founding AVNation.

AVNation is a network of AV professionals whose goal is to further the AV industry through education and knowledge. They do that through blog posts and covering industry events and they are most well known for podcasting.

Their flagship podcast, AVWeek, was first recorded in 2011 and provides a weekly overview of the AV industry.

Over the years they have launched several other podcasts like ResiWeek, EdTech and my personal favourite, A State Of Control.


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